What is Bamboo Vinegar ?
Glam World Bamboo vinegar is concentrated and distilled from bamboo smoke during carbonization of bamboo. It is the essence of bamboo and contains over 200 organic ingredients. Anti-bacteria, anti-odor, insect dispelling, soften aged keratin, skin whitening are its main functions.
Bamboo Vinegar has unique functions such as:
  • Activating cells.
  • Improving blood circulation.
  • Smoothing skin.
  • Foot care.
  • Fighting bacteria.
  • Ideal for cleaning pets and pet cages.
  • It is ideal for dry, sensitive, and mature skin types and people who are prone to have pimples and freckles.
  • Diluted with water for foot SPA kills bacteria, stops itchy, eliminates odor and softens aged keratin, and it is ideal for athlete’s foot.
  • It can be used with water for furniture and floor wiping to kills germs.
  • Stimulates Compost production.
  • Control nematodes.
  • Promote plant growth.
How to use Glam World Bamboo Vinegar 
-Remove Smell & Prevent insects
Spraying indoor can kill germs, deodorize and prevent cockroaches. Most suitable for kitchen drainage pipes, trash/rubbish, shoes/shoe cabinet, toilet etc to remove odor and for disinfection purposes.
Put about  2 bottle cup of Glam World Bamboo Vinegar into 1 litter of water. Ideal for deep cleansing of sensitive, mature/dry skin. Can soften aged keratin, activate skin cells and has whitening effect. Ideal for people prone to have freckles. Keeps the skin moisturized and smooth.
-Body Bath
Put about 10-20ml of Glam World Bamboo Vinegar  inside bathtub  filled with water and mix it well. Softens dead skin cell to give a glow. Good for skin itchiness. Ideal for people prone to have freckles. Keeps the skin moisturized and smooth. Prevents mosquito.
-Foot Care
Put 20ml of Glam World bamboo vinegar into 1 litter of warm water .Put your feet about 30 minutes.  It removes bad smell, kills germs, improves skin allergy condition and stop itchiness. Ideal for skin problems, acne  and athlete’s foot.
Add 20ml Glam World bamboo vinegar to 200ml of water. Use it for cleaning the pet house/cage. It will remove smell and insects, thus keeping pets healthy and hygienic. Add 5-10ml vinegar to pets shampoo mixture and use it for bath pet. It will improve blood circulation, scalp itchiness and smell, falling hairs.
You can get your Bamboo Vinegar by placing your order on  or text/call/WhatsApp +254711182160
They do free deliveries to Nairobi Central Business District. Glam World is a number one stop shop for Bamboo products in Kenya.
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